Boyfriend Button Down: OOTD

In the summer heat, sometimes you want to wear something loose and simple. You can accomplish style and comfort with a boyfriend button down. The modest fit allows you to stay comfortable while still on trend.

boyfriend-button-down-5This button down is a cool collection of blues. I picked this one up from Old Navy and love it’s longer length. Being a tall 5’9″, any additional length on clothing is a blessing.


I was headed out to meet some friends this evening, so I added a touch of glam to the boyfriend look; however, this style lends well to a more casual look too: leggings and flip flops or shorts and converse sneakers are just two options for you.

I paired my shirt with some stretch, boyfriend fit jeans allowing my accessories to pop. For starters, turquoise pointed pumps…color match and that Stiletto Sharp instinct, had to be done.


Jewelry choices: light blue, triangle earrings and silver metal necklace. Who said jewelry has to come in sets? The only time customizing earrings and necklace pairing is tough, is when color matching plays a role. Solid blue earrings and a silver necklace, I think it works.


Collared shirts (in this case the boyfriend button down) and bold necklaces need their room to breathe; I knew my hair had to get tucked away. My current rose gold hair color has so much dimension, I love the way it looks braided. Staring with a small braid at my hairline and working my way down to a full braid sitting on my shoulder, the look continues to evolve.


Lastly, my make up. The flawless complexion is accomplished with BB cream and a translucent powder, and light cheek contour and blush finish the face. I chose a blue pencil eyeliner allowing the eye make up to be just that. Pink glossy lips and mascara finish the look. It’s an easy, flawless face I pull off quite regularly.


If you’re in need of a new summer piece to play with, try out that boyfriend button down. With so many colors and prints, the options are endless. On top of that, who doesn’t love a piece that can transition from day to night? Enjoy the heat and always stay Stiletto Sharp!

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