Khaadi Printed Kurta: Desi Look Book

Pakistani fashion is often seen as elaborate and colorful, for those of us who wear the traditional kurtas (long tunic) regularly, there are plenty of casual and neutral options too. I slipped into this cotton, beige Khaadi printed kurta for lunch with my family. While I usually stray from beige, the pops of maroon convinced me otherwise.

Khaadi Printed Kurta Desi Look Book 3

The kurta has printed detail along the shoulders and neckline, why not show it off. I pulled my hair back in a low bun and kept a deep side part for added interest. In line with the printed neckline, a necklace was only going to take the casual look to elaborate and busy.

Khaadi Printed Kurta Desi Look Book 5

No necklace leaves room for interesting earrings. These ones sit across 2 piercings. The gold is crisp and chain links add something unique to the casual desi look.

Khaadi Printed Kurta Desi Look Book 6

Playing up the red in the outfit, I knew a red lipstick would be perfect. Rimmel’s Provocalips lip color in “Heartbreaker” was the choice and flanked by pink cheeks and black eyeliner.

Khaadi Printed Kurta Desi Look Book 4

Being a South Asian girl on the East Coast of the U.S., I am always fusing the two cultures that have surrounded me. Whether it is my values or my fashion, I take pride in both worlds.

Embrace your roots and interpret the fashion as you please, keep it classy and always keep it Stilettos Sharp!

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