The Story Behind StilettoSharpStyle.com:

Zaynah’s head turning manicures and penchant for finding the perfect accessory to accentuate any look have prompted friends, family, and countless strangers to ask her, “What’s your secret?

With a successful entertainment blog already under her belt, Zaynah thought it was the perfect time to share another part of her life with the world, in the form of a beauty and fashion blog. Together with Hina K (her close friend, fellow blogger, and Editor at StilettoSharpStyle.com), Zaynah brought her vision to life.

Whether she’s traveling for leisure or for work, Zaynah is always on the prowl for the latest fashion accessory, cosmetic, or piece of clothing to add to her ever increasing and meticulously organized trove of aesthetic delights.

StilettoSharpStyle grants you exclusive access to Zaynah’s stylish finds, and into the armoires, wardrobes, and suitcases of the many notable personalities she encounters throughout her career.

You’ll also be privy to tricks of the trade that makeup artists and stylists use behind the scenes at music video shoots and in their everyday lives to promote limitless inner and outer beauty.

Who Is Zaynah R?:

Born to a couple of British-Punjabi transplants and raised in the United States, Zaynah has spent her whole life embracing the many wonders of her multicultural roots.


From a young age, Zaynah has demonstrated her creative abilities and cultural dexterity through the art of dance, and uses her passion for music as an unspoken guide.

Early exposure to Bollywood movies and Bhangra mix tapes increased Zaynah’s love for her heritage, and with her Punjabi pride stitched firmly upon her sleeve and buried deep within her heart, Zaynah quickly made a name for herself as a reputable source for all things Bollywood, Bhangra, and in between.

Zaynah received her BS in Business from Seton Hall University, where she majored in economics. Aside from focusing on her studies, Zaynah dedicated a tremendous amount of her time to furthering her role as the Bhangra and Urban Desi diplomat, and to managing a South Asian dance team.

During this time, Zaynah relied on various South Asian websites for the latest information about happenings in the Desi music scenes, including a few that were based in the United States. Unfortunately, the content found on the latter was often lacking in volume and rapidity.

Hoping to make a difference and put her in-depth knowledge of the subject to good use, Zaynah attained a position as a marketing intern for a Desi entertainment website. Shortly thereafter, the position blossomed to that of a freelance journalist, and through that, Zaynah was given the opportunity to share her passion with an even bigger audience.

Zaynah quickly built a network of artists, producers, and other industry figures that recognized her passion, respected her abilities, and valued her integrity as a member of the press.

In 2011, Zaynah formed her own media company, Zaynah Rashid Media. To this day she continues to run multiple lifestyle and an entertainment blogs, represent a growing number of talented South Asians, and provide clients with branding, marketing, and image consultations.

Her natural business savvy and flair for marketing give her a unique edge in the media industry, especially when combined with her passion for integrating the cultural norms and values of the East and the West.

When Zaynah is not busy updating her websites or consulting for clients, she teaches dance, plans parties and other events, and experiments with various cosmetics and beauty regimens.


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